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New Leaf is both a specialty wholesaler of books, recorded media, and other products relevant to the Body/Mind/Spirit movement, and a full-service distributor to the book trade serving small and medium-sized publishers as well as self published authors.

This website is designed to help our vendor trading partners work with New Leaf efficiently and effectively. Retailers and the public should visit our retailer site: www.newleaf-dist.com.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, flexible yet full-service distributor to handle all of your sales to the trade including national chains, wholesalers, and mass merchandisers plus storage, order processing, consumer fulfillment, and credit and collections, e-books, and digital printing, we are ready to serve you.
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New Leaf is the world's largest wholesaler specializing in serving the Body Mind Spirit market. While our market is primarily North America, we sell to stores in all English speaking countries and others. We carry books, recorded media and other products (which we call sidelines) from all major publishers and labels as well as several thousand small presses and other vendors.
To submit books or other products for consideration: New Product Submission Info
To find out how to sell to store buyers: Ad & Promo Info

Add-On Services:
National Accounts Program - This program sells your books, CDís and DVDís with mainstream potential to major national retailers and wholesalers. -- More information

Easy eBooks - A simple, affordable way to make your Books available for all e-readers through all major retail and library channels. -- More information

Total Inventory Management - A "just in time" digital printing program where we replenish our stock automatically saving the publisher time and money in order processing, shipping and handling. -- More information

Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF) - We offer an efficient and cost-effective "white label" service to fulfill your consumer orders. -- More information

New Leaf is one of the few full service distributors which offers all of its many services to self-published authors. -- More information

For those who may be new to the publishing industry, the difference between a distributor and a wholesaler is that a distributor works on an exclusive basis and handles all sales to the book trade. A wholesaler on the other hand, stocks your books on a non-exclusive basis and is not responsible for selling.


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